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This is how my husband lost weight so quickly

April 10, 2011

Very unhealthily.

I know, it’s subject-bait. But I also know that people are constantly amazed by what he did. I mean, I am, too. But only because I know I’m not willing to put myself into starvation mode for nine months while also trying to literally work myself out to the bone. Also, I like food too much to eat cardboard.

I’ve seen people asking for specifics on what he did, and since I’m the one who watched it all happen…I have to say something.

He posted about his old diet here. Note that he put a great big disclaimer on that post. The man did it for a reason. When someone who has graduated from law school puts a disclaimer on something, he means it. The amount of calories he ate in a day was way, way, way below what any adult ought to be eating. Not only that, but pretty much everything came from some sort of frozen food. (Granted, when I was making myself miserable, I was doing the frozen/prepared food thing myself.)

If you can manage it, learn to cook. Use fresh vegetables or at least as close as you can get. You’ll at least avoid preservative messes. (Of course, saying stuff like this is a sobering reminder of why weight is a classist issue, but that’s another thing entirely.)

Not only that, but…well, it’s unhealthy to lose weight that quickly. This Livestrong article only details four things, but a couple of them are pretty major ā€” losing muscle mass and the ability to properly regulate body temperature would be fairly worrying.

He’s admitted himself that he did it backwards…only seeing a nutritionist after he pretty much got where he needed to be, for instance. I’d say that not really doing any weight training until after he hit where he wanted to be was also problematic. (But hey, not doing it helped lead to some big losses…but those big losses included muscle mass, which you should want to keep.)

So, I implore you ā€” do it right. See a nutritionist, do some weight training…if you’re going to set that goal for yourself, please don’t hurt yourself in the process. Your losses will be smaller, and the entire process will take longer, but you’ll be better (and stronger) for it.

His motto has been that you can conquer anything a little bit at a time. I just beg that you make your little bits a lot smaller than his.

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